Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
renderizer is a small service for analysing and rendering flight tracks stored as GPX files.
Rather than plotting the track on a 2D map (for which there a many good existing tools, like Google Earth) renderizer focuses on the track's altitude and speed profiles, which are especially important to pilots. With its a bit more sophisticated movement classifier it targets general aviation pilots who need a way to quickly and easily inspect flight tracks, e.g. for generating logbook entries.
Why not CloudAhoy? is a great product and of course much more powerful than renderizer. However, such power comes at the price of complexity.
renderizer is quick and simple and doesn't even require setting up a user account.
And: It's free... :)
My track doesn't render properly. Why?
In order to properly identify airfield movements renderizer needs somewhat accurate geo-data on the respective airfields / airports. Currently it relies on the data collected by, which, unfortunately, is frequently not quite up to date or is missing important data, like runway GPS coordinates and true headings.
In case missing data are encountered renderizer alerts you with respective messages.
Can I do something to help fix issues?
Yes. If you email us your track (see the Contacts page for details) we can add potentially missing airfield data to the airport database.
Some of my movements appear to be mis-classified. What can I do?
If you email us your track (see the Contacts page for details) we can look into the issue and fix the classification logic to make renderizer better for everyone.
Thank you in advance for any support!
The rendered flight profile looks weird. What can I do?
The rendering looks best when viewed on a screen with a larger horizontal resolution.
I have improvement ideas. What can I do?
Shoot us an email! (See the Contacts page for details.)
We are always happy to receive feedback, no matter what kind!